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           Welcome to the StoneWall Society GLBT ArtWorld! Here we will feature information on GLBT Artists, the GLBT Artists On Art Series and reviews through the GLBT Artists On Art Series,  performance dates and GLBT Artists Press Releases, through the GLBT Artists Updates,

     You will also find the residents of ArtWorld through this section. So click on the Rainbow World Music link to the left, enjoy some GLBT music as you acquaint yourself with the art and artists included. If you would like to become involved in this program check out our GLBT Artists Promotion. Then just send us an email about your art, where you live, and how you would like to become involved.

We are extending invitations to GLBT Artists who are in need of an Internet presence to further promote their art. All art venues are eligible with the exception of materials geared to be: "sexually explicit", and or hate-prejudice or violence promotion oriented. By that we mean pornographic and graphically sexual in nature, and sites which promote hate, prejudice and or violence. We are not prudes, many teens and families use this site and it is our wish to keep it open and available for all. To apply go to StoneWall Society Network and complete a hosting agreement with as much detail as you know. Restrictions do apply to commercial, and pay sites. StoneWall Society reserves the right to make any and all final decisions with regard to artists acceptance for free space. Our decision will be based on need, and content. Not the artistic value but rather again that it meets our standards with regard to commercial sites and sexually explicit material.

ArtWorld Residents

Clark Carlton-Singer, Songwriter, Writer, SWS Member 

Makke - Visual Artist

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