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When we decided to establish this new program we had no idea what difficult decisions lay ahead. Many great sites from which to choose. We soon realized this was just a starting point from which we will be able to showcase our member's internet/web sites.

StoneWall Members

Be sure we have your URL if you have a site so that you can be included. Send us an Email or go to Member Profile Update in the Member's Lounge. URL's may now be added to the Membership Directory through Member Profile Update as well.

So let me introduce the StoneWall Society member Site of the Month for June, 2000.


Marvin & Bill, your site



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StoneWall Society member Site of the Month for July, 2000.

The Equality Project

Dedicated to providing education and acceptance of all genders, sexualities, races, and religions, this site is right on course. March 15th, 1997 marked the beginning of this poignant and necessary site. 

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StoneWall Society member Site of the Month for September, 2000.

Jason "Gay Brisbane" McIntosh

Check out Jason's great information all about Gay Brisbane. Lots of resources, award, and some surprises. A great representative of the GLBT community on the WWW!

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StoneWall Society member Site of the Month for October, 2000.

Gay Bombay

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SWS Member Site of the Month for November, 2000

For all music lovers! Find the GLBT top 40 here. 

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SWS Member Site of the Month for December, 2000.

Advocate20x's World

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SWS Member Site of the Month
January 2001 Announcement

Queer Movies LOGO and link.

A fun site with one of the largest Queer Movie listings I have seen. 

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SWS Member Site of the Month
February/March 2001 Announcement

Spirit Speaks

A great resource site as well as a religious site dedicated to bringing the beliefs of Spiritualists to all. 

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SWS Member Site of the Month
April 2001

Pride Church International

All about the Orthodox Christian Church. This church is open and available to all. 

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SWS Member Site of the Month
May 2001


Normally we do not have sites which offer paid services in this section. However, when something is good it is just that! 

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SWS Member Site of the Month
June 2001

Lesbian and Gay Country Music Association

A really great site which promotes the Gay and Lesbian Country music artist. 

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SWS Member Site of the Month for July, 2001.

Radio Stonewall LOGO and link

This site is the brainchild of Jon Gilbert Leavitt. 

August  SWS Member Site of the Month Announcement

Tampa Bay Coalition Against Hate Crimes LOGO and link

A really informative and resource packed site dealing with a varied and diverse list of issues and assistance. 

For December 2001!!!

Mountman's Home Page

A great place for resources, fun, and just good ole fashioned web creativity. Each year Mountman has supplied us with his Christmas pages, check them out while there. Mountman is also a great SWS supporter. Active with the Award panel, a web reviewer, and a literary reviewer as well. So we owe him lots of thanks. Drop by his site, tell him SWS sent ya! Merry Christmas my friend!

For January and March 2002

A truly talent packed site filled with eye pleasing art and music for the ears!

For February 2002


Gay Professionals Network 6PC
In June last year I  founded a new, virtual network: 6PC. This is a FREE, international and non-commercial network of gay professionals.
After leaving university, I have found the availability of a good network to be of the utmost importance - giving a direct and useful link into professional, academic and  social circles, the business world and more.
The purpose of 6PC is to create a forum of people who can offer professional AND personal assistance, answer questions, find addresses, companies or people, help out with travel tips.
The Network is dubbed "professional" but equally serves personal and social purposes. It is just to indicate a level. We have  professions ranging from Web designers to Professors, from Artists to Oncologists.  It includes self -employed people, civil servants, consultants and more.
The activity we expect from members is: give as much as you expect to receive. I would guess that a regular member would not need to spend more than 1-2 hours a month. We do appreciate feedback and input, and sometimes have a survey (first one just completed).
Our Board consists of 8 members: I reside in Amsterdam, the Vice Chairwoman and our Research Officer in Sydney, the Secretary & Webmaster in Barcelona, the Marketing Officer in Italy, our Liaison Officer in 5 places (he moves around a lot), one Board member in Johannesburg and our Programmer in Amsterdam.
This also shows the virtual character of 6PC. In the meantime, however, local chapters have been created, and "real life" meetings have taken place.
Most info about 6PC can be found on our pilot website . It includes all our Newsletters [with case studies of how 6PC can work] and a member’s database, with our members' ProFiles, accessible for members only.
Although our Vice Chairman is a woman, we do not have many female members and are presently specifically inviting women to join – but men are welcome too!
We would be really pleased to welcome you as a member. If you have any more questions after visiting our site, please let us know!

@lfred Verhoeven
Chairman 6PC

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