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Release #1 **12-1-1999 Site Opening

PRESS RELEASE 12/1/99 StoneWall Society at

Dear Editor,

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StoneWall Society opens web site at .

The purpose of the StoneWall Society is to support GLBT equality world-wide but especially with in the GLBT community. We have become fragmented, separated and out of touch with in our own community. The infighting between groups and ideals must stop.

We are not saying that we all must love or for that matter even like each other. However, we must offer the same equality, respect, acceptance, and dignity with in our GLBT community, that we expect and demand from the world as a whole. The prejudice in our community is quite intense. Separatism is rampant. We all have seen it and experienced it. Men and women not wanting to share the same space. Gender and transgendered prejudice, racial prejudice, age prejudice, excessive cost, and that’s just the beginning. All are common daily occurrences with in our community.

Our goal is to put an end to this hypocritical behavior. To make it clear that in order to gain the respect of the non-GLBT world we must first respect each other. The site will interact on local levels by encouraging localized chapters. Already several bars and organizations around the world are either having or considering StoneWall Society events to support our cause. The first of these will be held at Bogarts in Baton Rouge Louisiana on January 8th. These events in no way are money makers for the StoneWall Society. The point is to offer an event where the focus is community acceptance and pride. This supports our community, our supporters and GLBT businesses and organizations.

This site contains or will contain, GLBT History, Famous GLBT Persons, Articles, a member area, GLBT Literary section, Special group interest features, and much more. There is no charge for membership. Taking the StoneWall Society pledge constitutes membership. Business members may display the StoneWall Society logo to show publicly their support of our community and to further show such practices are not tolerated by their establishment.

We appreciate your support, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Thank you,

Codi Pendance, (Because we all depend on each other)

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Release #2 **2-22-2000 Global Directory of Businesses for *************************Equality

Released 2-22-2000
The StoneWall Society is geared to ending the prejudice, separatism, and
discrimination which goes on world wide, but especially that which goes on
with in our own GLBT Community. As a positive promotion for GLBT Businesses
which join the StoneWall Society there will be added a Global Directory of
Businesses for Equality. This directory will be promoted via the GLBT
community and the GLBT friendly community on net and off, with a permanent
location in the StoneWall Society site. The directory will be available as a
direct link and may be used as such by members. Thus creating a quality
resource center for the GLBT and GLBT friendly communities where criteria is
The only requirement for membership in the StoneWall Society is to take the
pledge against discrimination, hate, prejudice, and separatism. And of
course follow it's meaning. Businesses may register under their business
name. The StoneWall Society Logo may be displayed by members to show their
membership as well as their support for equality.
Codi Pendance (Because we should all depend on each other!)
Stop the Hate! End the separatism and discrimination! Take the pledge and
join the StoneWall Society today. At

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Release #3 ***5-13-2000 Global GLBT Calendar

Press Release / Announcement
Immediate Release 5-13-2000
StoneWall Society

New GLBT World Wide Annual Calendar established at,
StoneWall Society. The purpose is to provide a centralized point of information
to the GLBT community about events and or dates which hold interest to the community.
There is no charge for listing in the calendar, which is updated every two weeks.
Reciprocal links while appreciated are not required to use the calendar.
Please feel free to use the service to better inform our community and to assist
in establishing some cohesion to our fragmented GLBT world.

Take the pledge, end the hate, discrimination, and prejudice!

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Release #4 *****5-13-2000 Gay Ring

Gay Ring Members!
     The Gay Ring is now managed and owned by the StoneWall Society. We took
this ring over to assist AllPride with their heavy workload. Please take a moment
and go to webring at  Look for Webring Members
sign in there with your  ring ID = gayring and your site ID. Get the new HTML Fragment and just copy and then paste it where you had your old HTML fragment for the ring. If you have
any problems please drop me a line and I will help you in any way I can. Everyone
having the correct HTML Fragment will keep the ring working properly and thus
sending us traffic. Let me know if you have any problems,
Stop the hate, end the separation and prejudice! Take the pledge.

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