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     When we launched the Rainbow World Radio Pride 2002 Program our original thought was to feature the Pride Songs created by Artists in the StoneWall Society GLBT Artists Promotion.  However,  we received numerous emails from visitors and members suggesting we add an award to the Online Pride celebration. So we have done just that. The 2002 Pride Awards were selected from artists participating in the GLBT Artists promotion. We added nominees as areas of the art form opened here in the celebration. We began with the musical artists.

     The same group who selected the Pride Songs along with a few visitors assisted in organizing the nominations. Nominations were based on site activity for the artist or song, searches on our system, traffic counts to artists websites, and traffic counts on SWS. Meaning that the nominees are actually decided by visitor / member interest. The awards were decided strictly by the  total number of qualified votes received from visitors and members, the artist's fans. First year recipients received an award created by SWS Founder-Len. As the awards grew and time did not, recipients are honored and acknowledged online via StoneWall Society. OutVoice and Rainbow World Radio. Musical recipients are featured all year in the playlist for that year's awards. Recipients are also listed in the Pride Award Directory.

     This was and remains a very exciting project for StoneWall Society and the artists involved in the GLBT Artists Promotion. As one of very few award programs of its kind, the SWS Pride In The Arts Awards are decided by and reliant upon the SWS members, visitors, and artists fans. Nomination through actual award presentation are all decided by the visitors, members and fans. So these awards while provided by StoneWall Society are actually from the people, fans, and internet visitors. The awards have grown to include these categories; Music, Literature, Visual Arts, Performance Arts and Film Arts. In 2006 StoneWall Society organized the first Pride in The Arts Festival. Participants in the awards, those nominating and voting have grown from 385 the first year to over 3,000 in 2005.

The Rules:

Only one nomination, and only one vote/ballot per valid email address is allowed. 
Artists participating in the StoneWall Society GLBT Artist Promotion and OutVoice are eligible for nomination. Eligibility may be determined by an artist's presence in the GLBT Artists Directory located at 
Artwork present on the participating artists websites as well as submitted work will be eligible.
Nominations are made by open internet vote, and will be accepted for a period of twenty-one days.
Voting for the SWS Pride In The Arts Awards, will also be open for a period of twenty-one days. 
Categories currently include: Music Art, Literary Art, and Visual Art, and Performance Art and Film Art.  More categories may be added as required to address need. 
In the event of an even tie vote for any specific award, artists who are a part of the tie vote will be awarded as recipients in full.
Award recipients are not eligible for nomination in consecutive years for the same award for the same work.

Meet the 2002 Pride In The Arts Award Recipients!

2002 Music Award Recipients         2002 Literary Award Recipients          2002 Visual Arts Award Recipients 

Meet the 2003 Pride In The Arts Award Recipients!

   2003 Music Award Recipients        2003 Literary Award Recipients          2003 Visual Arts Award Recipients

Meet the 2004 Pride In The Arts Award Recipients!

2004 Music Award Recipients 2004 Literary Award Recipients
2004 Visual Arts Award Recipients 2004 Performance Arts Award Recipients 

Meet the 2005 Pride In The Arts Award Recipients!

2005 Music Award Recipients 2005 Literary Award Recipients
2005 Visual Arts Award Recipients 2005 Performance Arts Award Recipients 
2005 Film Award Recipients 

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