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Gay Teen Resources Online Queer Arts Resource Queer Music Heritage
Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered Domestic Violence Pink n Grey Life Over 40 Not A Myth! Gay Days Awards Groovey Annie's Pages for Canadian Lesbians Idealist
Psychedelic Shack of Divinity Chelsea Boys Sean Crist's Homepage
GeekWomyn The Gay Agenda Rainbow Hope
The Equality Project International Frontrunners Diversity Bay
Gay Page Awards Youth Against Hate National Youth Advocacy Coalition
1st Partnership Page Spirit Gatherings GYRLYZ-N-DALIFE
  Kalimunro-Therapy Online  

Gay Teen Resources Online

Gay Teen Resources Online is an important site for all. Offering excellent information and resources to parents as well. Offering parents not only resources but real information immediately useful. I was impressed with the large amount of teens active in this site’s administration. Obviously, with such peer presence GTR hits the mark with current and topical content. Self expression and independent thought are important issues very well covered. An "add a page" to ongoing stories brings interactivity and thought as does the impressive Poetry and Fiction section. Community features such as chat add to the appeal and usefulness of the site. All interactive areas have teen direction and administration. This undoubtedly will make teens more comfortable and further increase their ability to gain useful information and support. The developers of GTR have succeeded in offering a site to the Sexual Minority Youth which advocates self worth, offers valuable services, and I believe will save a few lives. Review by Codi

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Queer Arts Resource

Queer Arts Resource has been bringing queer art and culture to thousands of people in over seventy nations since 1996. This site functions as a virtual museum, and the content is virtually wonderful. Presentations are very well done, thought provoking, and timely. Mediums range from traditional painting and sculpture, to full blown electronic presentations. HIV TV for instance is a very powerful example of presentation art. The list of artists featured is too large for inclusion here, however Kim Anno, Francis Bacon, Paul Cadmus, Deborah Bright, and Kimberly Austin are just a few. The Archives alone is an extensive resource and a glorious tribute to queer art! Memberships are available starting at $25.00, a very affordable way to support our community’s artists. Juried Net Exhibitions are available to artists with no registration fee. No longer is our location a reason to not be familiar with the GLBT community’s contribution to the world of art. A must visit and a definite bookmark keep this surfer returning time and time again. Take a moment, learn and enjoy the beauty of queer art! Review by Codi

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Queer Music Heritage

"Queer Music Heritage on Lesbian & Gay Voices, KPFT, 90.1 FM, Houston every 4th Monday of the month, 9 pm CST; hosted by JD Doyle"

Listen to live internet broadcast on KPFT

The Below section taken directly from the site as it could not be expressed more clearly.

"On "Queer Music Heritage" I cover lots of territory in terms of years and types of music. Mostly, I just don't think gay and lesbian music of the past should be forgotten, and I try to also give a little information about music and artists.

This website is set up show photos of the artists and recordings for each monthly show, and to give the playlist. Just click on each show's date for its page. "

The playlist is great, but there is so much more. Just checking out the various artists cover art is not only fun but very educational and rewarding. A library of GLBT Music in images. Entertaining and some of the best "surf" around! Review by Codi

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Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered Domestic Violence

A truly great resource for a topic all too frequently dismissed. The percent of violence in GLBT relationships is that it happens in 30%-40% of all GLBT relationships. The figures interestingly enough are the same for non-GLBT relationships. This site offers a wide view of information and resources of domestic violence in GLBT relationships. Even if you feel you are not involved in this issue you should take a look. I was surprised by some of the information. Especially when it was familiar, and it frequently is. At 30%-40% we all either have experienced it to some degree or have someone close who is. Information contained here is useful to all weather a victim, a friend, or .... Information is presented in factual format, no platitudes, just the facts. Many off site links provide additional support, information, and possible assistance. Do yourself and the world a favor, check this site out. You will not regret it! Review by Codi

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Pink n Grey Life Over 40 Not A Myth!

Link no longer works, if you know a new URL please email is geared to the over 40 GLBT crowd. Very well done and easily navigated, this site proves life really does exist at forty! I personally was very pleased to find a site serving a large portion of our community otherwise frequently overlooked. The site offers a personals section, chat, a very large links area with resources and information included. This award winning site has a unique feature called "Perceptions." This feature is very interactive with visitors while gathering useful and interesting information, a must see area! There are many resources available, even an HTML Help section. The site has a friendly feel and excellent interface abilities. If you think the over 40 crowd is sitting at home being a couch potato, Pink-n-Grey will change your view! Reviewed by Codi

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Gay Days Awards

This excellent award site offers not only some of the best web surfing material, but also a vast array of information. Gay Days Awards brings the cream of the GLBT world wide web to your fingertips. The Award winner’s section, a well designed link with description archive. All interests are represented here. The standards of the award guarantee great content, and useful topics. Whether you seek information on traveling, GLBT life, particular communities, cities, collectibles, or just browsing, you will enjoy the vast assortment of sites. The site is easily navigated and designed for use. This is a definite bookmark site for several reasons. You will want to return to keep up with additions as well as a base resource information bank. Once again, it is a wonderful opportunity to thank one site which has done a lot to promote our GLBT community. Reviewed by Codi

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This site’s necessary message is one of great importance to all but especially the GLBT community. Dr. Laura Schlessinger has made quite a name for herself via her radio talk show. Comments like; "A large portion of the male homosexual populace is predatory on young boys", "I call homosexual practices deviant" and the ever popular "biological errors" have made her headline news. Paramount as decided to award her a televised market for her antics which remind me very much of Anita Bryant. This site’s whole purpose by name "Stop Dr." shows good reason. It isn’t just the GLBT community at risk here. Who will be next under the gab DR’s microscope? If you are not familiar with Dr. Laura, and especially if you are, this is a must see site! Put forth in plain factual style, the information available should make any thinking person realize the negative value of such propaganda. Dr. Laura’s recent apology was not for her views but for her verbiage. Lets hope that like Anita Bryant’s antics, community reaction will thwart the gab Dr. in her’s. Do yourself a good deed and pay a visit! Reviewed by Codi.

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Groovey Annie's Pages for Canadian Lesbians

Groovy Annie’s Pages for Canadian Lesbians is an excellent resource center. However, not restricted to Canada or Lesbians. News and local events are of course Canadian focused. The immense resource section includes a diverse area appeal as well as resources geared toward the entire GLBT community. One of the most user friendly resource banks I have seen yet. Resources are divided into a huge library of sensible, unique, and very relevant topics covering one of the widest ranges available. Informing and helpful forums add interest and ability to interact with this must bookmark site. The Home Pages directory adds a community feel to Groovy Annie’s, not always seen in resource/information sharing sites. Further enhanced by topical polls and surveys, obviously information gathering is a focus here as well. Entertainment has not been neglected by Groovy Annie, an impressive list of well written film and music reviews make for some excellent suggested additions to your collections. Reviewed by Codi

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A project of Action Without Borders, "a global coalition of individuals and organizations working to build a world where all people can live free, dignified, and productive lives." This was and is an amazing find. The resources available; Tools for Non-Profits, (very good!), Finding and posting jobs, (you will be surprised!), as well as a wide selection of community involvement choices. 20,000 organizations and 140 countries strong this site is independent of any government, political ideology, or religious creed. Direction is guided by five goals from which everyone can benefit and to which everyone can contribute. This site was a welcome relief from the daily doom and gloom of standard media. Ever watch the evening news? The point here is the action! What is being done to make the changes, changes for all. I was stirred and energized by the content and the message shown. A visit here leaves no room for any argument for boredom. Not just geared toward "activists" this site offers everyone a realistic opportunity for involvement and a strong sense of achievement. Bookmark for sure! Reviewed by Codi

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Psychedelic Shack of Divinity

A tribute to Divine, and a gift of treasure to fans, this site is informing, entertaining, and down right fun! Loaded with pictures, some rare, and of course the ones we all love. Complemented by a healthy audio section. You will find Divi singing, and many of the lines and comments which made Divine a star! Well done and in appropriate style this site brings to life the vivacious nature and talent that was Divine. Some history and a visit to Divi’s grave bring the reality of the person to the forefront. Resources to other Divine sites as well as other characters in Divi’s movies will keep you surfing for a while. You can find Divine impersonators and where to see them, or check out the Divi Filmography it may just surprise you. If you are looking for entertainment point your browser to this site, you will not regret it! Reviewed by Codi.

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Chelsea Boys

Are you a "toon" lover? I am, but rarely does one find a really good gay "toon". Resolution found! Spend and hour or so visiting with Nathan, Soiree, Sky, and Miss Marmelstein at Chelsea Boys. The sites point is to sell distribution of the comic in print formats. However, enough content is here to make for an enjoyable stay and even a desire to write your favorite mag. Characters are quickly well developed and real. You WILL see your friends and yes even yourself. Various situations find many outlets for funny, familiar, and sometimes even poignant stories. Cleverly created by Glen Hanson and Allan Neuwirth the characters endear themselves to you much like your childhood favorites. True comic fantasy with a strong comic dose of reality. The comedy is real, believable, and sometimes stinging. This dishy site hands out a light hearted yet realistic look at our community "life". Get some! Reviewed by Codi.

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Sean Crist's Homepage

This is a cool personal site. There is a lot of information to be found here.  is one for everyone. Sean tells his story of his life and has many accomplishments. Sean is a PhD student in linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. When you get into his site by way of My Own Links, Sean shares his diversity of interests with you. Do you do your own telephone wiring? He has a page that tells you how. Sean is learning to call for square dances. His collection of modules is extensive and informative. Being from WV I remember doing some of those dances. Reading these pages has brought back many memories. Speaking of memories he shares his Great-Grandfather's autobiography with us. One of my favorites has got to be in the humor section. Rusty is a homosexual is flawless! Reviewed by Mountman

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"Beginner or guru, this site will provide the resources necessary to help you make your own presence on the web! Site is specifically catered to advocate GLBT prominence on the internet." Great resources abound with some really cool features. Not a designer or looking to improve/start your web presence? No problem, GeekWomyn has games like Asteroids, Black Jack, Break Out, and Pac-Man to name a few. Everything you need for a better understanding of setting up and or maintaining a web-site is here. Glossary to Web Goodies like character maps, site graphics, Free Web Space. A valuable resource, learn in user friendly language, you can't beat that and it's all free! Review by Codi

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The Gay Agenda

Online resources for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered communities. Features an excellent search, forums, Gay-411, chat, classifieds, news and more. The classifieds are personals as well as employment, housing, a true classified service. Easy to navigate and pleasant to the eye, Gay Agenda utilizes many cross-net services such as news. The best way to feature services is information sharing. You share the traffic and the knowledge. Gay-411 is an online directory of physical addresses and telephone numbers. Done very well in a frame format, useful, interesting and well done! Review by Codi

Rainbow Hope

Below is from a letter I received, it explains the site so well I thought I would include here. This is a real issue in our community. This site Rainbow Hope, has great resources, easy navigation, and information with which we should all be familiar.

"I own a website for lesbian survivors of abuse.  We were previously a msn community but the membership grew so large that we had to move the forum to delphi and start building our own website.  The support group aspect of Rainbow Hope is very active and the informational side of the site is almost completely finished but will be a work in progress:)

Rainbow Hope currently has a forum and chat,  a list of links on many issues, a page specifically for suicidal feelings, a fun page, as well as information for partners of lesbian survivors.  We also recently added a page about relaxation and grounding techniques, a page for couples where both are survivors, a page about therapy and  also survivor stories, coming out stories, poems and random writings by our participants.  And its not finished:) we are working on many new pages for the near future."
Webmistress at Rainbow Hope

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The Equality Project

Dedicated to providing education and acceptance of all genders, sexualities, races, and religions, this site is right on course. March 15th, 1997 marked the beginning of this poignant and necessary site. With no intent toward any one group the point is made that "society" passes learned hatred from one generation to another. Excellent and identifiable examples of such learned hatred are awakening, frightening, and factual. The concept of "human equality" is well demonstrated here. The Equality Project is free membership driven, and it works. Members have access to; the Learning Center, member message board, member links, news, postcards, graphics, a memberís webring, petitions, and an active member vote award program. A broad base of information on Equality Issues is available. Ease of navigation and positive presentation make the visitor want to see more. The site is well designed and written. Member input adds interest and a sense of belonging. All could learn from the siteís creator about presenting such usually conflictive information in such a positive and compelling manner. Review by Codi

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International FrontRunners

International FrontRunners is host to a world wide network of over 100 local FrontRunner clubs. Founded in 1974, the organization has grown globally as a means of active physical fitness combined with social benefits. Donít for one moment think you are not "fast" enough or have the "stamina" to join. While some clubs are more competitive, it is the camaraderie which forms a solid foundation. Taking itís name from the Patricia Nell Warren book the group offers a positive atmosphere and activity for all interested. On the site you will find a calendar of events, Individual club pages, Family albums, and information on joining and locations. International FrontRunners holds a forum every two years where members meet and discuss issues pertinent to the organization locally as well as internationally. As there are many local clubs available finding one in your area should not be difficult. And if you donít have a local FrontRunners, why not contact the site about forming one today? Review by Codi.

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Diversity Bay

You know from the flashy intro that you are in for no boring visit. Diversity Bay, Australian by nature, not limited by content, offers great GLBT surfer material. Get great coverage of the Australian Mardi Gras Event. Not just read about it, enjoy great photo spreads as well. Once inside the choices are abundant. More pics in a gallery of events, photo essays, and / creative efforts was a very enjoyable view. If you are an Australia enthusiast or planning a visit, I highly recommend a visit here. Lots of resources, entertainment news and gossip if you like, make for a well rounded look at a portion of the Australian Community. Focus here is on interest and fun, so the heavier links will be found elsewhere. A refreshing view and a real learning experience. Goodness what next, fun and learn together? Both are combined here well and with a great navigation system. Review by Codi

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Gay Page Awards

Gay Page Awards is a great GLBT site dedicated to honoring and promoting the best of the GLBT web community. The list of award recipients makes for informative, useful, and enjoyable internet surfing. For a very nice change of pace the visitor experienceís an internet GLBT community not geared toward pornography. If you are creating a reference resource for yourself, this site will offer many possibilities. A smooth navigation system and not graphically impaired. This siteís award program has standards and review boards. The large annoying Geocities pop-ups are gone, so there is nothing to impair your enjoyment of this diverse site. Review by Codi

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"YOUTH ~ Against Hate"

Review written by Duane Simolke

Sixteen-year-old Abby decided that she should do something about hate crimes. This site represents some of her efforts. Abby posts links and poetry that will encourage and inform anyone who wants to help fight the violence. She also provides a Yahoo! Club (STOP HATE CRIMES NOW) where people can teach each other about different types of prejudice and how to counter all prejudice.

The little touches make YOUTH ~ Against Hate special. For example, if you sign the guestbook for the website, the closing question is "What are you doing to stop the hate?" The top of Abby's Yahoo! Club says, "This is my part, What are you going to do?!" Such questions not only motivate people to become more involved in countering violence but also encourage them to share techniques that others might use.

This is a well-designed, useful, and easy-to-navigate website from an amazing young activist. Please visit it as soon as possible!

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National Youth Advocacy Coalition

"Improving the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth." What a great opening statement! I might add a very admirable goal. To change the social misconceptions of the GLBT community, we must address our youth. Meaning the quality of life, level of acceptance, and available opportunities. The National Youth Advocacy Coalition seems to do it all with national summits and regional conferences geared to improve social awareness as well as strengthen opportunities.

The resources, database, and services provided are abundant. I expect to see great things from this worthy organization and website. Membership driven to support itís cause both financially as well as with regard to resources would seem to insure the dedication and direction of members. The only problem I saw was that membership is a tad restrictive and slightly cumbersome. The cost is fair, especially when you consider this is an investment in our future. Overall, worth a visit, and the support. Make a difference in our GLBT world today and tomorrow by passing a better world on to our GLBT youth.

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1st Partnership Page
Review written by Duane Simolke

This multi-award winning site focuses on the twentieth century's first case of legal gay marriages. However, it also includes many other related historical facts. The site reads like a coffee table book, with large illustrations prefacing short but highly informative articles. It is a delight to read, especially for gays who want a stronger sense of hope and history. I also love the layout, which crams an incredible amount of links into a tiny amount of space without disrupting the site.
The emphasis stays on these photographs of our history, our contributions. 1st Partnership is one of
the best designed, best organized, and most helpful gay sites you'll encounter!

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Spirit Gatherings
Review written by Duane Simolke

We often hear the lie that all cultures condemn homosexuality. What most of us certainly never heard in history class (or anywhere else) is that Native American cultures tend to not only accept but adore gay and transgendered people, often seeing them as more in touch with the spirit realm. As this informative and easy-to-use site explains, many gays are now exploring this celebration of being "two-spirited." Besides providing general information about Natives from a Native perspective (a needed change!), Spirit Gatherings provides interviews, history, event announcements, links, etc. that should interest all LGBT people, all Native people, and anyone who wants to learn more about the beautiful diversity that exists within humanity. Despite the site's many pictures and graphics, all the pages load quickly, and a handy site map makes navigation even more convenient.

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Review by Nike

This site hosts the online Lesbian Magazine Illuzions, where you can find just about any issue relating to the lesbian Lifestyle. Due to the enormous amount of time I seem to spend online, having a informative magazine like this just a click away helps me keep up with the Lesbian Worlds news, events and special interests. I have a bad habit of tossing my "snail Mail" magazines on the desk and never reading them! how many of us are guilty of that! The site is well designed, easy to navigate and the content is so varied there is something for every lesbian here! The webmistress is very hands on and responds quickly to all emails, requests and any issue concerning this site. The magazine is also just one part of a very large site which seems to have been broken off in blocks. Again thumbs up to this site!

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Kalimunro- Therapy Online
Review by Nike

This site is a bit on the serious side, it is for those of us recovering from issues ranging from addictions to abuse. Though there is a charge for her services, they are so small almost anyone can afford it. Her website alone outlines exactly what you can expect from the services and running a recovery site myself, this is a wonderful tool. A lot of people cannot or will not go and seek professional help in real life for many reasons, this site brings that help right into your home through your pc. I have explored and chatted with dozens of online therapists and in my opinion Kali's is one of the top ten. This site is extremely gay friendly and leans towards many issues we find here in the Gay lifestyle. The site navigation is wonderfully user friendly, the design is soft and comforting, and the content of course is priceless.

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