Artists Updates

We had a great time playing Ladyfest South on Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported such a great event. 
Red Light Café 

553 Amsterdam Avenue 

Atlanta, GA 

(404) 874-7828 
Then.....we are looking forward to a benefit for Youth Pride to be held at "My Sister's Room" on November 8th. More details to follow.....
Liquid Pie

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Duane Simolke Updates New Book

(Lubbock, Texas) West Texas author Duane Simolke returns with a fourth book: Degranon. This unusual release marks Simolke's first novel, and his first book of science fiction.

Most scifi novels, movies, and TV shows ignore human diversity. Even among a wild variety of alien races, the human characters mostly stay within the usual frameworks of white and heterosexual. Aside from the occasional black man-who probably dies in an early scene or fades in and out with little consequence to the narrative- we rarely see people of color. And gay characters appear even less often.

In the alternate universe Simolke created for his science fiction adventure, we encounter characters that we might think of as Native American, African American, Latino, Asian, or gay. In fact, white characters receive only passing references, while gays seem idealized.

Simolke stops short of calling Degranon a "gay novel," since he wrote the book for a general audience, and since the main characters are heterosexual. However, he uses some of those non-gay characters to explore gay themes, as well as wider themes of diversity, freedom, and violence.

Though primarily a high-concept adventure, Degranon challenges every reader's views, perceptions, and prejudices. Everyone who reads it will find it disturbing at times, exciting at times, and ultimately optimistic. In fact, many people will interpret certain scenes, characters, and events in differing ways.

Readers wanting to learn more about Duane Simolke and his writing should visit his home page ( They'll find links or writings related to diversity, homophobia, cancer, writers, and many other topics. They'll also find Rainbow: Lubbock, Simolke's gay newsletter for Lubbock, Texas, which is where he lives,
and where he received a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University.

Free review copies of Simolke's books are no longer available. He asks that readers support his work by ordering his new book at their favorite local or online bookstore.


Distributed by GLINN's Gay News Distribution Service at, a division of the Gay/Lesbian International News
Network at

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Robin Renée's new CD release "All Six Senses" Robin Renée Updates

Menage a Music (BMI)
P.O. Box 204
Atco, NJ 08004 USA

August 27, 2002
Robin Renée's "All Six Senses" Released Today
The new release by Robin Renée, "All Six Senses," is available today.  The CD
contains 12 new tracks - 11 original tunes plus a sultry cover of Nick Lowe's
"Cruel To Be Kind."  

"All Six Senses" can be ordered now direct from Menage aMusic Online availability at CD is coming soon.  
Visit frequently for updates. 

"All Six Senses", the latest CD by performing songwriter Robin Renée, is a journey of spiritual awakening.  The journey is indeed the destination here, as each piece has its own deep resonance in the greater human experience.  Distilled to its essence, the album is much about the nature of love- from open-hearted seeking (“First Sight”), to romantic complexity and longing – (If I could taste you one more time and had to leave my world to chance/ I just might close the door and spin the wheel of fortune – “All Six Senses”), to celebration (“Thursday Morning Afterglow”), and ultimately to the profound urgency of merging with God/dess – (I was bathing in the light/ Felt the sea run down my spine/ I could feel another time/ I could wait here one more night/ But no more, no more/ Gotta be right now – “I’m Coming Down”). These themes, loosely-yet-cohesively interwoven, emerge through a passionate medium of edgy rock, singer/songwriter lyricism and pop sense, and the sonic impact of chant.

All Six Senses began to materialize in earnest in January 2002 when world-renowned producer Scott Mathews took a keen interest in the early demos that crossed his path (Scott Mathews has produced, written for, recorded with, or performed with artists as fabulous and diverse as George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Elvis Costello, Barbra Streisand, Semisonic, The Rubinoos, John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton, John Hiatt, Patti LaBelle, Bonnie Raitt and many more.).  Robin and Scott quickly realized that they were a good artistic match; the album was recorded during May 2002 in Scott’s own TikiTown Studios  in Mill Valley, CA.

New songs "First Sight," "Chant," and "My Bride" can be heard now on MP3:  
Jon Gilbert Leavitt of MP3's "Radio Stonewall" says of "My Bride" -  "-a new gem from the new CD by one of the most innovative folk/rock/alternative artists around. Robin Renée's "My Bride" uses pronoun play in constructing a beautiful and poignant song- an anthem in its own right. Renée is an artist who never stops growing, and her fan base never stops being amazed by her new creations. (Menage à Music)- "
For more information on "All Six Senses," visit Robin Renée on the web:
Robin Renée is available for interviews, radio appearances, and performance
Menage a Music (BMI)
P.O. Box 204
Atco, NJ 08004 USA
For more information on producer Scott Mathews and TikiTown Studios, contact        More of Robin's Updates here

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The new Peto-A-Go-Go CD "Sugarcoated" is now available!

The power-loaded, pop-rockin' disc features six new hook-filled songs including the energetic "(Can It Be) So Real" and the moody surf-rock laced "In This Town", plus the fun of the tongue-in-cheek title track and more.

The official retail release date is slated for May 28, 2002 -- HOWEVER, orders sent in to the Peto-A-Go-Go mail order address before the release date will be sent out as early as one week prior on May 21! So order now for early access -- OR if you're in the Capitol Hill/Seattle area, you can take advantage of the exclusive pre-sale happening at Revolutions (at 345 15th Avenue East) until May 28!

All ordering and upcoming live performance (summer festivals!) information is available at
Check it out -- and tell a friend! Thank you for your continued support! 
Peto, Sean and Daryl

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Ed Karvoski Jr. Updates!


NOTE TO EDITOR: The author grants permission to reprint the following interview.  For book-cover art and author photos, visit

AUTHOR TALKS ABOUT HIS TROPHY BOYS: An Interview with Ed Karvoski Jr., Author of ‘Award Winning Men’

Q. How did the idea come about to write “Award-Winning Men”?

A. The idea came to me a few days after I quit a job.  I had worked for about a year as a reporter for a “non-gay” regional newspaper.  Mostly, I was writing feature stories and 

personality profiles about people who were “openly heterosexual.”  After leaving that job, I flew cross-country for a long weekend for a change of scenery, and I went for a long walk and meditated.  I concluded that I was the most happy a few years ago when I was researching my first book, “A Funny Time to Be Gay” [released in 1997].  For that book, I searched for openly gay and lesbian stand-up comics, interviewed them, and then wrote profiles.  I decided that I once again wanted to pick a group of folks within the GLBT community and write about them.  Then I got the idea to write about award-winning men of all types—ranging from pageant and contest titleholders to guys chosen as Volunteer of the Year for non-profit organizations.

Q. Were you interested in gay pageants and titleholders prior to working on the book?

A. I must admit that I wasn’t very aware of the various titleholders until a few years ago.  I was doing a book-signing in Massachusetts in 1998 to promote my second book, “What’s Your Gay & Lesbian Entertainment I.Q.?”  A guy asked me to sign his book, “To Mr. New England Bear.”  I was immediately curious about the title and began grilling him with questions.  Working on “Award-Winning Men” was a chance for me to pick up where I left off—posing more questions to more titleholders, as well as other types of honorees.

Q. Have you always wanted to be an entertainment & pop-culture reporter?

A. Yes—among other things.  Even when I was a young kid, I would tell people I wanted to become an entertainment journalist when I grew up.  Who else other than a “gay boy in-training” aspires to be a little bit Rex Reed and a little bit Barbara Walters?!  I actually started writing articles when I was about 12 years old for the Sonny & Cher Fan Club newsletter.  That was many, many years ago—right before Bob Mackie cleaned-up Cher .  And before I realized that Sonny was a Republican.  I still love Cher !

Q. You had the opportunity to profile some entertainers in “Award-Winning Men,” correct?

A. Yes, the book includes a couple of comedians, a couple of filmmakers, an actor, and several singers, from country to cabaret to rock.  Also, several erotic video stars.

Q. With such a diverse group of men covered in “Award-Winning Men,” did you find a common trait among them? 

A. They’re all “out” and proud.

Q. Have you always been “out” as a journalist and writer?

A. No.  Actually, many years ago I used to write for gay magazines under a nom de plume.  Nowadays, I realize that “nom de plume” is French for “writer in the closet.”

Q. Have you ever won any awards?

A. Not since high school.  Back then, my class voted me Best Actor, Best Artist and Most Creative.  Of course, that’s all code for Class Gay Boy!

Q. What’s your next project?

A. I have another new book coming out in the summer of 2002.  It’s called “The Movie Queen Quiz Book: A Trivia Test Dedicated to Fabulous Female Film Stars.”  It includes 600 fun questions about movie divas, past and present.  Despite the fact that the title contains the word “queen” and the subtitle contains the word “fabulous,” it’s not a gay-themed book, per se.  Though, it certainly has a gay sensibility.  After all—I wrote it! 

Ed Karvoski Jr. is an entertainment & pop-culture reporter, and the author of four books.  He and his books have been featured in countless publications, including The New York Times, USA Weekend and Publishers Weekly.  Additionally, the Village Voice dubbed Karvoski "an insatiable vacuum cleaner in the show-biz closet."

To take a sneak peak at some of the guys in “Award-Winning Men,” visit  The book is available at and

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Terry Christopher Updates

I also have a performance on November 8, 2002 in New York City at Pegasus at 8pm.  It's a $10.00 door w/ two drink minimum BUT each person will receive a copy of my CD at the door after the show! 

 This info is also on my website, 

I hope you are well and am glad to be connected w/ StoneWall Society! 
My best,

I have been placed in rotation for an internet radio station called   You can help speed up that air time by REQUESTING to hear Terry Christopher.  The program director will pick the actual song ***BUT*** votes/requests for artist are counted and taken into serious consideration...
It would be great if you could copy/paste the address below and send a "one sentence" request asking them to play a song from Terry Christopher's new CD, "Take Another Look".  It's just like the good old days of FM radio when requests were what fueled airplay!!! :-)  If you want to go further and WE can really blow their minds, forward this to all of your friends and
have them do the same...make a request and pass it on...and so on and so on. 
The program is tomorrow night and every Saturday from 6-9pm at  and the show is called The Songwriters Network.
I would appreciate your help to 'spread the word and spread the music.  Let's GO!!!!
E-mail requests to-
My best...
Terry Christopher

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