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Voting closed. Recipients will be announced on 7-18-04 at 7pm central time on Rainbow World

Click here to open the GLBT Musicians Directory in a new window. All nominated artists are listed.

The Rules:

1. Only one vote/ballot per valid email address is accepted. Only the first vote/ballot received will be included in the count. Additional votes/ballots from the same email address will be deleted. Both multiple same name @ varied domain name as well as the reverse may be checked for redundant votes, if found to be redundant votes they will be deleted. Voting will end July 14th, 2004.

2004 Music Art Award Vote / Selection  Ballot

Please enter same email address as below here:  
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Your vote for: Male/Gay Favorite Pride 2004 Musician Award

Mark Weigle - "Different And The Same"
*V*I*R*G*O* - "Moderate Extremism"
Shawn Thomas - "Everything I Am"
Ari Gold - "Space Under Sun"
Vincent Wolfe - "Until Tomorrow"

Your vote for: Female/Lesbian Favorite, Pride 2004 Musician Award

Corinne Curcio - "Now"
Norine Braun - "Now & Zen"
Julie Clark - "Feel Free"
Marsha Stevens - "Song Of Praise From A Strange Land"
Sandy Rapp - "Flag & The Rainbow"

Your vote for: Bisexual Favorite, Pride 2004 Musician Award

Robin Renée - "All Six Senses"
Skott Freedman - "Bi The People"

Your vote for: Transgendered Favorite, Pride 2004 Musician Award

Lisa Jackson - "I Am OK"
Yolanda & The Plastic Family - "We Are Angels, Acoustic version"

Your vote for: Pride 2004 Favorite Group Award

Sister Funk - "Girl"
Liquid Pie - "Diggin In"
Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle - "Figures"
Rubberlegs - "Leg Warmers, Reheated"
Bootlickers - "Automatic Ball Cleaner"

Your vote for: Pride 2004 Pride Song

"This Is How We Overcome" by  FGS on "In This Moment"
"Everything I Am" by Shawn Thomas on "Everything I Am"
"Proud & Free" by Jon Gilbert Leavitt online music performed by Deian McBryde
"Crucify" by Sister Funk on "Girl"
"Everyone Was At Stonewall" by Sandy Rapp on "Flag & The Rainbow"

Your vote for: Pride 2004 CD / Album

"Girl" by Sister Funk
"In This Moment" by FGS (For God's Sake)
"Moderate Extremism" by *V*I*R*G*O*
"Bear Tracks One" by  Woobie Bear Music Compilation CD
"Figures" by  Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle

Your vote for: Pride 2004 Camp Pride Song Award

"He's On My Team" by  Ari Gold on "Space Under Sun"
"Forum" by  Grecote on  "Bear Tracks One"
"Crucify" by Sister Funk on "Girl"
"What I Like About You" by Mark Weigle on "Different & The Same"

Your vote for: Pride 2004 Dance Award

"Mission" by Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle on "Figures"
"Forum" by Grecote on "Bear Tracks One"
"The Beat Of The Lord" by Shawn Thomas on "Everything I Am"
"He's On My Team" by Ari Gold on "Space Under Sun"
"Alive" by Kevin Aviance on "Being Out Rocks"

Your vote for: Pride 2004 Genre Award

"That's How I Feel" by Corine Curcio on "Now"
"Bashert" by Ari Gold on "Space Under Sun"
"Jesus To The World" by FGS on "In This Moment"
"Black Coffee" by *V*I*R*G*O* on "Moderate Extremism"
"Dreams Of The Summertime, instrumental" by Thomas Raniszewski on "A Midnight At A Time"

Your vote for: FAN AWARDS Fan Award Song Of The Year 2004

"In This Moment" FGS (For God's Sake)
"Crucify" Sister Funk
"Two Cowboy Waltz" Mark Weigle
"Cowboy's Sweetheart" Doug Stevens & The Outband
"We Are Angels - Acoustic version". Yolanda & The Plastic Family

Your vote for: FAN AWARDS Fan Award Music Artist of the Year 2004

Mark Weigle
Sister Funk
Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle
Eric Himan



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