GLBTI Pride Event Enhancement Program

In an attempt to correct frequently experienced complaints which plague Pride Events/Celebrations we are collecting and compiling this information to be sent to InterPride, independent pride organizers, and make available here for all interested parties. The goal is to use the information you provide to form community expressed concerns and more to the point, solutions to these issues. No names of individual Pride events or organizers will be included in the compiled data. Nor will the names or any personal information regarding those submitting the information from these forms be included in the end data. We require a valid email address to qualify the input as a serious attempt by the community to offer corrections. Email addresses will not be shared with any outside party. Email addresses are not given to permit the addition to any list. We will use email addresses to communicate if need be about this specific survey only. All other information gathered will be used in aggregate form with regard to general location.

This form will remain permanently active for annual compiling and submission to InterPride and other pertinent resources for the overall improvement of the GLBTI Pride event experience. The end date for first compiling will be September 9th, 2002. The reason for such a short period this year is to have the information ready for the InterPride conventions in October of 2002. Normal cut off date for future years will be August 15th of each year. 

There are two forms. One for general information and feedback, (below), and one which is specific to a category. Such as; Entertainment, Vendor, Exhibitor, Staff, attendee/guest. We will accept one feedback per email address from each feedback form. So yes you may fill out both forms once per data collection period. Thanks for taking the time to complete these surveys and for aiding in the improvement of the GLBTI Pride Event experience for all. You will be returned to this page after submitting the form. Or you may go to the category specific form here.

General form for all                           

To validate your feedback please include your email address in the box below and as requested in the form. Your email address will remain private and not added to any list or shared with any outside party. Invalid email addresses will result in the feedback being deleted from the survey. Only one survey per email address per period will be accepted. Duplicates will be deleted. You may complete both surveys once per collection period.


Please provide the following contact information:

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code*
Home Phone
URL http://www.

I best identify as::


In the past I have participated in Pride events as: Select any of the following options that apply:

Attendee, Community member
Pride Organizer

What would be the number one improvement you would like to see made at Pride events?

Please list up to five with one being the most, problems you have personally experienced at Pride events..






Please list, up to five with one being the most, your most positive Pride experiences..






Generally at Pride festivals I prefer::

To see GLBTI Artists as entertainment.
To see mainstream non-community artists as entertainment.
Not sure.
Don't Care

Generally at Pride festivals I prefer::

GLBTI businesses in the vendor area.
Doesn't matter just lots of vendors.
Less vendors overall.
Don't care.

Generally at Pride events I prefer::

Please tell us how you feel about political speeches at Pride events:

I enjoy the speeches.
I don't listen to them.
Politicians should get booths like vendors, we choose to listen or not.
Don't care.

In your opinion are Pride events too commercially geared?

Not Sure.

In general, do you feel the imagery of Pride events is representative of the GLBTI community?:

Yes Pride events show the factual side of the GLBTI community.
No, They do not adequately represent the community.
Not Sure.
Don't care

Please feel free to enter an open personal statement about your experiences at Pride events.

How would you rate the average "organization of the event" at Pride events you have attended ?

bad poor average fair good

Please complete the following statement: As an, (artist, entertainer, staff, vendor, reveler), I would suggest: (Tell us here what you feel can be done to improve/enhance the Pride Festival/Event experience by all.


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