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Merchandise Vendor Application/Contract Form
Please print, complete and mail with applicable fees to the mailing address below.

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Fees: $25.00

Any Questions? Please contact via phone or email. (See top of page)

Need electricity at your booth?  A fee of $10.00 will be charged for booths needing electricity, payable with registration fee.

Vendor Registration Deadline is September 30, 2001

Waiver of Responsibility

I, __________________________________, an office or other authorized representative of 

____________________________________________, accept full responsibility for our involvement at Pridefest 2001 A Lambda Safari, sponsored by The Lambda Group, to be held at 
The Lambda Center 
1733 Florida Boulevard 
Baton Rouge, LA 70802-3841.

I agree to hold harmless its officers, employees, or representatives for any and all civil and/or criminal liability, which may result from the operation of or any attendant activities:

Signed: ________________________________________

Date: ______________________

Received by: _________________________________________

Total Fee Enclosed: $__________________

Signature of Agreement: _______________________________________
(please sign here)

The signature of the participant shown above indicated agreement with all requirements listed in the attached information sheet.

Any Questions? Please contact via phone or email. (See below)

Pridefest 2001 A Lambda Safari  
1733 Florida Boulevard 
Baton Rouge, LA 70802-3841 
Phone: 225-346-0670
E-Mail: brpride2001@yahoo.com 
Website URL: http://www.stonewallsociety.com/batonrougepride.htm 

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