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Clark Carlton
Review by Codi
StoneWall Society


A screenwriter by day, and thankfully a musician/poet as well. Clark Carlton provides a rich original musical tapestry with strong, heartfelt lyrics and haunting yet soothing guitar. The overall experience is most enjoyable and full of surprises.  Sensual, emotional and just down right fun!

The opening song "Matthew" is a haunting tribute to Mathew Shepherd.  The song is inspirational and thought provoking with suggestions of inner views and self acceptance being the possible culprit. Clark's powerful baritone voice brings emotion and depth to excellent lyrics.

     The title cut, "Saltwater" is my personal favorite. Imagery is strong, you can almost smell the ocean, as well as feel the heat of the moment.  Carlton writes lyrics with subtle passion which his voice brings to full force. Evident in all  songs is Clark's unique approach to music obviously effected by a wide range of influence.

    "Boys In The Sand" a butch but campy salute to the days and effects of the Beach Boys and their beach boys is a favorite in bars and catching popularity in the radio circuit as well. Playful and respectful this is good music and fun combined.

    Clark's songs are haunting and very catchy. His voice: rich, deep, full and even butch is well accompanied by his soothing and melodic guitar.  A sensitivity which is confident, masculine, and clear stands out throughout the entire CD. A compelling work and pleasing listen, I highly recommend. Also wish to thank Dennis Hensley for sending Clark our way!

Clark will be back  with a review of his play "self help or Tower of Psychobabble"

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