National Coming Out Day
Being Involved, support and promotion!

     As some of you know I have been trying to contact HRC, (Human Rights Campaign Foundation), and or Candace Gingrich the Coming Out Project Manager, to discuss making the "Being Out Rocks" theme for this year's National Coming Out Day more inclusive to all. Thankfully we have artists as are featured on the poster and the press releases who are out and or supportive of our community which are well known to add marketing strength to the theme.  It would also be wonderful to include more local artists as well as those who not known through national media. Candace called today to discuss this topic and not only is open but more than willing to make the theme a positive and inclusive event for all concerned. As has been the goal of the theme all along.

     The ability to feature local artists and groups meets the NCOD goal of recognizing out artists and community supporters. So this is a win / win situation for everyone. If you are an artist, group, or establishment who wishes to have an event which supports the "Being Out Rocks" theme there is an easy solution. You may register your event with  HRC and have information at hand regarding the theme "Being Out Rocks" and the importance of this singular but huge act of courage. In exchange you may have your event listed on the HRC calendar of NCOD events and receive pamphlets, posters and other material to assist. This provides a mutual support network. You support the NCOD Project and NCOD supports you by providing exposure on their website in the NCOD events calendar and the material to hand out at your event. This mutual support has been available. If there are events past the 11th Candace has said the calendar can remain up and active.

    These events may be for example; concerts, performance dates, art shows, lectures, literary arts events, group functions, etc. This brings the event to a local and personalized level. Allowing for increased ability to bond and identify. This means your local fans/members will know you are supportive of NCOD. This will increase the acceptance and ability to identify with artists with which local persons know and can relate. Making the overall experience more personal and supportive, therefore increasing the positive effect and overall strength of National Coming Out Day.  This what you have requested, so use the resource and be involved and active. Now you have the opportunity to support and be supported. To gain exposure for your art and or event and at the same time support your community.

     Although National Coming Out Day is October 11th Candace agreed that as people come out daily the theme could well be extended. So if you are having an event after the 11th of October, even in later months, you can still participate. Turn around time for events to be listed would be about one week. So plan ahead, register early, support and be supported. There is not a cost factor involved for the host of the NCOD event to participate. Only planning, scheduling and of course your own event costs. If you host a weekly and or monthly event please use one of your events to generate this powerful and positive support.

    We have taken this to HRC and Candace due to complaints regarding  perceived lack of ability to participate. Now the ability and availability is here and known. We hope you will take the time to participate and be a part of the solution. HRC and Candace have responded with open welcome. Let us respond by taking advantage and supporting ourselves and our community. Make this the best and most wide spread National Coming Out Day ever! Promote your community and it will promote you! Other wise you are just complaining.

For more information and to register an event: 

All the best,
StoneWall Society

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