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Goredon Smith, Tone Maul, 
& Joe Bace
The WAVOS, at The Back Street Cafe!
Performance & Venue Review
By: Len Rogers

     It is not often that I have the opportunity to see the performers in the SWS promotion perform. So when I do, I do! This was no exception. House concerts here in Roanoke have not been wildly received. However I happily cannot say the same for concerts at The Back Street Cafe! The evening was a continually growing night of fun, dancing, and oh yes music lovers. 

     The WAVOS are the first in what will be an ongoing concert series at the Back Street Cafe. Huge thanks to Deanna of Back Street for her support and interest in live music. As I have also titled this a venue review, I would like to begin there. We, (my partner Chris, Joe aka Mountman and myself), were thrilled at what we found at The Back Street Cafe. Honestly we have not seen such a diverse crowd since living in the French Quarter. Quite a surprise for Roanoke! 

     Finding a community bar that has an interest in live music is rare. Finding a community bar that truly represents the entire community is also rare. If you would have told me I would find a bar in Roanoke where the Transgendered, Gay, Straight and Lesbians all partied together and really were not separated, I would have said no way. Again happily I was wrong. I do not know if the Bisexual community was represented, but I am sure they would be welcomed. 

The Back Street cafe is exactly that. A real bar for all in the community. When Deanna tells you she welcomes all of the community she means it. And from what I saw the clientele are very appreciative of Deanna's vision. So if you find yourself in Roanoke or plan to visit, be sure to include The Back Street Cafe as one of your destinations. The people are friendly, the service equally friendly and prompt. This night Deanna had removed the pool table for the WAVOS show leaving lots of room to dance and mingle.
   I was working the WAVOS sales table. Which provided me the opportunity to see all the action and talk to a lot of the customers. And what a grand show it was. The WAVOS gave a great show complete with smokin' tunes and wild lights. And yes I do mean smokin'. The visual effects added to the excitement and energy. By night's end the dance floor was full. The WAVOS are not a ten minute band either. The sets were longer, personable, and geared to get the audience moving. 

Goredon, Deanna, Tone Maul, Dolly, and Joe 

Dancing to The WAVOS

Which of course was successful. Even the WAVOS' give-a-ways were a huge hit. I was out of the mirror ball necklaces early in the evening. Of course they were more commonly called "sparkly balls" by the crowd. CD's and T-shirts went just as quickly. 
    During the break the WAVOS were promptly escorted to the back of Back Street Cafe where a photo shoot for Ladies Of The Blue Ridge was also taking place. Deanna knows how to bring them into Back Street. Dolly, the President of Ladies of The Blue Ridge is in a few of the pictures. All in all it was a fun night that went all too quickly. Last call and beyond was here way too fast for the crowd and the WAVOS. Looking for a band that can make the energy and the music? Like the 80's with some original music included? Then the WAVOS is the group for you. You can click the links, or pics and go to the WAVOS website to contact them for your event. 
    And remember when in Roanoke be sure to make The Back Street Cafe a destination at 356 Salem Avenue near downtown Roanoke. Our next co-worked concert will be at The Back Street Cafe in late August. Check StoneWall Society main page for details! Hope to see you there! 

Hugs around,

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