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Valerie's Art Gallery 
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     You know that you are in for great visual stimulation the moment Valerie's site opens. A well done slide show of some of her works gives you just a hint of what is contained in the five sections within. The site is well designed, easily navigated with design focus being the art displayed. Thumbnails of each section make browsing more entertaining. Certainly the works of art contained are showcased in a pointed and professional manner. Valerie has a wide range of image themes/categories. I am sure there will be something here for all viewers. This is an art gallery, so that means images to download. I did not find it a long wait at all. However, even if it were, the wait would be well worth the experience. 

     Let us take a brief tour through Valerie's Art gallery. Starting of course at the beginning;

Gallery 1 *The Tattoos*

     A large collection encompassing many styles and designs is presented. The colors are bright, the designs original, and some very unique creations. Even the stylized or should I say expected tattoos are given a new twist through Valerie's creative talents.                                                                            Arm Band

Arm Band tattoo by Valerie B All Rights Reserved

 Artist: Valerie B All Rights Reserved Copyright 2001 

As is expressed by her colorful Arm Band, above. This is only one example of a possible nineteen. Subject matter includes; ying & yang, hammerhead, hearts, flowers, ribbons, and even a UFO tattoo. If you are looking for unique body art, this is a great place to start your search.

Gallery 2 The Rainbow Collection

     Sixteen designs take the rainbow to a whole new appreciation. Two really great female gender signs done of course with a rainbow theme are striking and very desirable. Any chance for you to create such a beauty for the guys Valerie? 

Boo Bees by Valerie All Rights Reserved          Over The Rainbow by Valerie B All Rights Reserved

                                                 BOO BEES                                                 Over The Rainbow

 Artist: Valerie B All Rights Reserved Copyright 2001 

The examples above are again just a sample, teaser, to what awaits. I like the design of both above and well, twisted soul that I am I just couldn't resist "BOO BEES", ;-). "Over The Rainbow" is a unique approach to a rainbow theme and I found it particularly interesting. Other works such as "Breaking The Silence" and  "Rainbow Ocean" are wonderful as is all the clever approaches to the rainbow theme. I didn't want to show you everything, you will enjoy the visit.

Gallery 3 The General Collection

     Plan to stay here and linger a while over the thirty-four works of art showcased in this gallery. This is also where I found my site favorite. "Watercolor Sorrow" grabbed me the minute the page loaded.  "Beauty Within" and "Little Girl" are others with which I found a unique connection.

Watercolor Sorrow by Valerie B All Rights Reserved                   Swan by Valerie B All Rights Reserved

                                    "Watercolor Sorrow"                                                  Swan

 Artist: Valerie B All Rights Reserved Copyright 2001 

"Swan", pictured above is a another bright interpretation of a usual subject. Many subjects are included, and several very pleasant surprises as well. I was in this gallery for the longest amount of time, and enjoyed every minute!

Gallery 4 The Advertising Collection

     Here, you will find examples of "commercial art" at its finest. the images are crisp and definitely convey an emotion while triggering sensory associations as well. The collage effect utilized in several pieces has a surreal effect, reminiscent of Escher as a photographic artist or maybe a little Dali influence as you can see in "The Game" below.

The Game by Valerie B All Rights Reserved

The Game

 Artist: Valerie B All Rights Reserved Copyright 2001 

Gallery 5 The Photography

     Promises of "More To Come Soon" great you, and I will definitely return to see the additions! Valerie's treatment of eggs is superb in "Satin Eggs". A great still life, wonderful shadows, and a stark feel emote. I was drawn to "Trees Amongst Us" for lots of different reasons. The strongest was a childhood memory of watching the sky through the limbs of the tree in our backyard. The black and white film makes for me the strength of the work even stronger.

Trees Amongst Us by Valerie B All Rights Reserved

Trees Amongst Us

 Artist: Valerie B All Rights Reserved Copyright 2001 

    I was and am very happy to have had the opportunity to do this review. The art refreshing, the site well organized and designed for viewer enjoyment. I anxiously await for Valerie's additions and new and exciting works she will contribute to the world of art!

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