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CD Review
"Lost Songs and Underdogs"
Review by: Len Rogers

    Without a doubt the most daring release for Tom Goss. "Lost Songs And Underdogs" is a masterful work of personal revelation and exposure. Delivery, concept, and lyrics all point to a single source; pure, direct, vulnerable, Tom Goss. Rarely do I see an artist be so bold in opening and sharing areas of private emotion with fans. Those who place a real value on knowing an artist, what they stand for, who they are, will love "Lost Songs And Underdogs". Just as much will song lovers with a value in words and common experiences. Bravo Tom, you have set a new standard in artist / fan realities.

    Not a light weight venture, ten tracks bring you this very personal peek into the man and artistry that is Goss' shared vision. A collection or album Tom says in the liner notes he has wanted to make since 2008. Obviously an album which speaks to and for Tom Goss, as it was not goaled to reach any market or production marks. I am always interested when an artist says they made a particular album or song for themselves. (Usually adding and hope the fans like it too.) The interest is two fold. Does the artist mean it, and in any case, do I the listener like it? It seems very clear the answer to the first part of the question, did the artist mean it, is a loud  and firm yes in the case of  Tom Goss and "Lost Songs And Underdogs." For me the second is also a yes, I like it. Rarely do we have the pleasure of such a pure message and delivered in equally sincere clarity. 

     The entire project is a focused view on the songwriting and lyrical prowess of Tom Goss. Each song has a deliberate and well stated message. Yet there is more, a sense of something with which you relate. So familiar and at the same time new, clearly an "every person" musical experience. Songs like "Is This My Fault?" which ask and direct personal attentions to monumental times. Then we realize that while listening we have placed out own "Is This My Fault?" question or experience. "Me and My Dinosaurs" is the song about a childhood fantasy or a playful look back at a time of innocence and awe? All songs have a wide variety of interpretation, especially in the simple and direct delivery Tom has chosen for the project. I leave you in the sensitive and capable hands of the artist for full understanding. As Tom himself says... "Three days later I emerged, a different musician and a stronger person.

      For this reviewer both are demonstrated in the works of "Lost Songs And Underdogs."  New and exciting Tom Goss in style and delivery. And a musician singer songwriter with the self confidence and awareness to share. Bravo!

Check out all things Tom Goss and get "Lost Songs And Underdogs" at Tom's website

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