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The Shannon Tower Band and link to the band's website.
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Shannon Tower Band For What It's Worth CD cover and link to the band's website.  CD Review 
 By Len Rogers 
 Shannon Tower Band 
 "For What It's Worth" CD

    Well to begin with "For What It's Worth" is a definite keeper. This first CD from The Shannon Tower Band is impressive, generous, and can be down right stirring. As part of the review process I like to first hear the CD with no prior exposure. Not always possible. In this case I have already done a very interesting CD release show for the CD. Which of course included an interview with Shannon. So my first listens were in preparation for the show and interview. A very different viewpoint for me. As you know I am not a musician, so a review to me is more about the CD than critique. But I do know what I like, and I like "For What It's Worth".

     Being a child of the 70's, yeah that old, all forms of rock music are very dear to my heart. In taking many "second" listens to "For What It's Worth" I not only became for familiar with the varied talents of the Shannon Tower Band, I also became more appreciative of the deep thought and work in the project. I really do not know if any of the possible influences I hear are actually those of  the Shannon Tower Band or a part of rock standards. However I hear Santana, Tull, ELO, Wakefield, Journey, and even a little Beatles. So you can imagine the blaze of enjoyment I had with each listen. Not all of these influences are constant through-out the CD. Some are more gentle, some very strong. In all cases the end result is music which has style familiarity combined with fresh new movement and theme. There is a strong feel that Ani DiFranco is an important influence on the band. The Shannon Tower Band does indeed have something to say.

     The lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation on "For What It's Worth" are each a striking and unique part of the overall. I have indicated I would classify this as "rock", but several other genre's of music are present. The use of voice as instrumentation, is very jazz based and prevalent in tracks  6 "Pretty", and 8 "Such Men".  Not saying the songs sound like jazz, but that the vocals seem to be a part of the instrumentation for overall sound. Cut number 7, "Boy" is a stand out for me, this one really grabs and holds you. The strong lyrics add strength to the songs and a unique sense that is the Shannon Tower Band. Then add the bluesy feel which this band can drop on a second, and all in all full of pleasant surprises. 

     Shannon Tower's vocals range from haunting to demonstrative and agitated. Her delivery can be edgy or captivating. But in all cases on mark with the needs of the song. You cannot talk about the Shannon Tower Band and not talk about lead guitarist Grant Warrens, electric violinist Jeff Sullivan, bassist Paul Seer and drummer Joe Day. The instrumentation of the CD is brilliant. Stand-outs in all songs, but brightly showcased throughout the CD, not just in small sections. This is a band. A group effort to produce some highly charged entertainment and messages. I know the Northwest supposedly almost has a "statement" or genre all it's own about musicians from that area. However, I think the Shannon Tower Band has roots more deeply secure in classic and traditional rock with jazz and blues infusions, than a geographical limitation. There are some intertwines, but I see a more statement driven band with the talent and diversity to back it up. 

    "For What It's Worth" held me from the beginning. Eleven tracks bring a strong sense of what the Shannon Tower Band is about. This first CD identifies the band and sets them apart. A pretty high standard is set by this first CD, so I am truly excited about what the future will bring. As I sense the Shannon Tower Band is definitely up to the challenge. In the tradition of quality, "For What It's Worth" closes with a leave stompin' and wanting more musical finale. And that is how I am, wanting more. Where is that replay button.....

Check out The Shannon Tower Band Website   

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