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Indigo Girls "Become You" CD cover and link to the website. Indigo Girls
"Become You"
Review by Heather Gmucs  of The Decline

The Indigo Girls new release has hit the market just in time for spring. For the most part, "Become You"  with it's lush vocals, tight harmonies, sweet leads, and introspective lyrics holds true to what made the Indigo Girls icons in the folk music scene. With standard lyrical genius track two, Deconstruction, (lyrics and music by Emily Saliers) slides, almost meditatively into the much-experienced ins and outs of relationship. "We're sculpted from youth/the chipping away makes me weary/and as for the truth/it seems we just pick a theory." 

With a nice build in the chorus, over simple, smooth piano riffs (Carol Isaacs) and booming drum work (Brady Blade) like a heartbeat the tune moves seamlessly from powerlessness to insight. Track three, "Become You" kicks out a diatribe on the social structures that bind Southerners (and most Americans) from becoming their Truth. 
"I see you walking in the glare/down the country road we used to share/our Southern blood, my heresy, damn that old Confederacy." The chunky straight-ahead folk/rock guitar (Rae and Saliers) coupled with a melodic overlay of the accordion (Isaacs) makes a rich backdrop for Rae's gritty vocals. 

Unfortunately there is an edge missing from this new release. "Become You" lacks the drive and the soulfulness of the albums that came before it. Slick over production takes away from the grass roots feel inherent in the "Closer to Fine" and "Hammer and a Nail" days.
The Indigo Girls seem to have crossed over in to a new genre, "lite folk rock"; an oxymoron in the sense of traditional folk genre. Although, "Become You" speaks out against injustices, swoons over love and generally gets down to the "humanness" of humans, in a collection of sweetly arranged narratives, the listener might be induced into spring cleaning mode rather than fixated expectantly on the next track of the disc. The bark is definitely more poignant than the bite .

Heather Gmucs

Check out more at the Indigo Girls website about them, buying their music and performance dates.

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