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 "Emily & Lynn Get Married"
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Emily      Emily Nyman and Lynn Berry have been StoneWall Society members and active participants in the SWS Artists promotion for several years. Emily and Lynn have been a part of Rainbow World Radio since the Live365 days. And Len has known Emily & Lynn since before Civil Unions were the law in Vermont. So when they shared with Len the news they were taking the next legal and equal step marriage, the obvious question was asked. "Would you like to come on Rainbow World Radio and share this historic and unique experience? Be our first guests on Talk It Out?"

    Of course Len was/is overjoyed with the answer of yes! These two ladies share with us about life together for eighteen years, with no legal rights as a couple, through Civil Unions and the backlash. And now on to marriage. But they share a lot more too. Day to day life, wonderful ah-ha moments, and how just being yourself can and does make change. Many thanks to Emily and Lynn for such a generous and personal interview. 

From Emily & Lynn, a reaction to your comments. 
"Thanks everyone for your positive feedback.  We had always hoped that if we just continued to be ourselves that we might educate those who seek to understand us and validate those who continue to struggle for acceptance. Your genuine responses to our interview have certainly tugged at our heart strings.  Thank you.''


Some Listener comments, via email. (with their approval) Newest at the bottom.

" The Emily and Lynn Are Getting Married Show" has helped me to understand and better relate to my daughter who marries in August. I was not going to attend, but now nothing could keep me away. Thanks for opening this confused angry Mom's eyes! Forever in your debt." Liz in Arkansas

"Hi Len,

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the show with Emily and Lynn.  A lot of good points were discussed and the music was great.  I live in NJ, so it was interesting to hear how the community was reacting to civil unions, and now marriage.  Very much looking forward to hearing more." Linda in NJ

"Truly an inspiration about relationships and making change. My partner of sixteen years and I live in Amarillo. I doubt we will see any form of legal recognition anytime soon. However, Emily and Lynn give us hope. Best to them both and thanks for making a difference!" Marc & Patrick in Amarillo

"I saw you and your wife walking up the hill..." "Who could imagine such a small statement would say so much? I will never see a hill in the same way, thank you!" Will & Tim in St. Louis

I hope you are going to archive this as permanently available! This is living history, please share. Wonderful show! Wonderful guests! You r the best Len, love your style!" Betty & Lisa in Parma

"Beautiful just beautiful!"  Jonathan in Boise.

"I have listened three times now. Such a powerful interview and story. Thumbs up to you Len! Emily & Lynn you are wonderful!" Beckie in Salem

"Now that's what I call a show! Bravo! This is an award winner guys." Todd in Tampa.

"Thanks Emily & Lynn! For sharing and showing how we all can and do make a difference. Only everything wonderful for you both!" Jenna & Brooke in New Castle.

"I think this show would be great content for an educational program about same-sex marriage. I am playing it for my parents over the 4th." Pat in Columbus.

"Needed something like this in today's negative world. Thanks Emily & Lynn. And thank you Len for bringing this to us." David in Atlanta.

"Very warm show. Will be back to listen in more. Sending the link to my "you are gonna go to hell", sister. She doesn't believe we can be happy, is she in for a surprise!" Valerie in St. Louis

"What a way to show Pride in our own! Didn't make it to any parades or celebrations this year, economy ya know? So I will just make your show my Pride event for this year. Make a scrapbook or digital album of my family and spouse. Thanks for the creative wave!" Annette & Beck in Lansing

"Wouldn't it be great to have a central place where there was more "who we are" programs? Hint, hint...." Mike in Chicago

"A friend sent me the show link, so glad he did. Great interview, thanks Emily & Lynn for being you and sharing." Trevor in Baltimore.

"The simple explanation offered by Emily on "why marriage" is spot on!" Bill & Tina in Indianapolis

"We need more real faces like Lynn & Emily's in our goal for marriage equality. Thanks for sharing your story with us." Bev & Sandy in Ohio

"What a great interview!  It was wonderful to hear Emily and Lynn talk about their journey, and the next stop along the way, Marriage! Thank you both for sharing.  What a long way we have come.  I remember coming out to Emily so very long ago (1980), and how scared I was.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined back then that we would both be able to legally marry the women that we love.   Thank you Len for a great show." Lisa in Mass.

Thanks for all the feedback. Will most more as permissions come in. - Len

Check out  Emily's music at: "Outside The Lines" "ShadowTime"

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