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Voting has ended check back October 10, 2005 for results.

2004 Recipients 
(Not eligible for same award for same work)

G/Male/ Gay Favorite, Musician Award *V*I*R*G*O* -  “Moderate Extremism”
L/Female/ Lesbian Favorite, Musician Award - Norine Braun – “Now & Zen”
B/Bi/  Bisexual Favorite, Musician Award - Robin Renée – “All Six Senses”
T/  Transgendered Favorite, Musician Award - Yolanda & The Plastic Family – “We Are Angels, Acoustic version”
Favorite Group Award - Sister Funk – “Girl”
Pride Song Award “Everyone Was At Stonewall” Sandy Rapp “Flag & The Rainbow”
Favorite CD / Album - “Figures” Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle 
Camp Pride Song Award - “Forum” Grecote “Bear Tracks One”
Dance Award “The Beat Of The Lord” Shawn Thomas “Everything I Am”
Genre Award “Dreams Of The Summertime, instrumental” Thomas Raniszewski  “A Midnight At A Time”
Song Of The Year (Formerly FAN Award) “Two Cowboy Waltz”  Mark Weigle 
Musician Of The Year (Formerly FAN Award) Eric Himan 

These artists are not eligible for the same award for the same work for which they received last year's award.

Click here to open the GLBT Musicians Directory in a new window. All eligible artists are listed.

2005 Music Art Award Ballot

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Vote for one for, Male/Gay Favorite Musician 2005:

Patrick Arena Captured Alive
John Paul Sharp, We Got Problems (But We're Doing OK)
Andy Northrup - Cardboard Logic
Dave Montana Such Things As Love And Pain
Shawn Thomas Changed

Vote for one for, Female/Lesbian Favorite Musician :

Athena Reich Stranger Things Have Happened
Mara Levi Life's A Ball
Emily Nyman - Outside the Lines
Billie and Patti Love And Other Four Letter Words
Jamie Anderson - A Promise Of Light

Vote for one for, Bisexual Favorite Musician :

Houston Bernard Whores Have More Fun
Skott Freedman -Judge a Book
Ripley Caine - Works in Progress

Vote for one for, Transgendered Favorite Musician :

Lisa Jackson Lisa Jackson
Lipstick Conspiracy Don't Tell A Soul
Joie Starr S.O.S. ABBAlicious
TG Music Society - Compilation

Vote for one for, the 2005 Pride Favorite Group Award:

Second Union - Songs for Equality
669 Touch The Sky
Lipstick Conspiracy - Don't Tell A Soul
Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday - Lisa Jackson
Billie and Patti Love And Other Four Letter Words

Vote for one for, 2005 Pride Song:

It's About time by Second Union
Touch The Sky 669
People are People - RuPaul
It Ain't Easy - Andy Northrup
The Sea Inside of Me Shawn Thomas

Vote for one for, 2005 Favorite CD / Album:

Captured Alive by Patrick Arena
Songs For Equality / Second Union
Touch The Sky 669
Cardboard Logic Andy Northrup
Changed Shawn Thomas

Vote for one for, 2005 Camp Pride Song Award:

Hot Drunk Guys Kendall
Gospel Singer, SCOTT FREE
Faggotry Personified Frank Grimaldi
The Muffin Song - Scott Free
The Homo Song - Mara Levi

Vote for one for, 2005 Dance Award:

Xzibit (Brotherly Love Mix) Grecote'
Watch Me- John Paul Sharp
Workout- RuPaul
I love you Copacabana Mix - Dave Montana
My Love will reach you - Michael West

Vote for one for, 2005 Genre Award:

Roger Kuhn - Two Nations
Steam / Freddy Freeman
You Raise Me Up - Danny Riddle
Shouting Out A Whisper - Emily Nyman
Fade Away Manic Mix - Dave Montana

Vote for one for, Song Of The Year :

It's About Time by Second Union
Homo Mara Levi
The Muffin Song - Scott Free
It Ain't Easy - Andy Northrup
Who I Am Mike Rickard

Vote for one for, Musical Artist of the Year :

Second Union
John Paul Sharp
Robert Urban
Andy Northrup

Vote for one for, Lifetime Achievement in Music Award 2005:

Kendall career and miles stones
RuPaul Community contribution and ID.
Robert Urban Artist Support
Marsha Stevens - Career and miles stones
Freddy Freeman - Bearapalooza

Vote for one for Production/Producer of the year:

Greg Hudson Woobie Bear Music
Robert Urban - Urban Productions
Freddy Freeman - Bearapalooza
Scott Free Homolatte, and Queer As Folk
Shawn Thomas/Aaron's Rainbow Project

Vote for one for, Musical Angel of the year :

Patrick Arena
Greg Hudson Woobie Bear Music
Robert Urban - Urban Productions
Juba Kalamka


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