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New Category for 2005.

Click here to open the GLBT Film Arts Directory in a new window. All eligible artists are listed.


Nominations will be in Ballot form. Each ballot will contain all available awards for that category. There will be five ballots for 2005. Music Art Nominations, Literary Art Nominations, Visual Art Nominations, Performance Art, and Film Arts. Only one, the first, ballot per category will be accepted from each verified and valid email address. Make sure you nominate all for each ballot before submitting your ballot.  Remember 2004 recipients are not eligible for nomination for the same award for the same work of art. Nominees will be determined by the total count of nominations, open and committee. Up to five nominees per award will be listed for award vote.

2005 Film Art Award Nomination Ballot

Please enter the same email address here as well as below.
The two email addresses must be working and the same.

Please provide the following contact information:


Who do you wish to nominate for Favorite Film Artist of the year from those listed in the Performance Artists Directory at StoneWall Society? State Artist and Film

Favorite film Award Fiction of the year.  State Film Name

Your nomination for favorite Film Non-Fiction of the year. State Film name.

Your nomination for Film Sound Editor of the year. State Artist/engineer and film name.  

Your nomination for Film Soundtrack of the year.  Film 

Your nomination for Favorite Song From a Film Award.  State Song Title, artist, and film.

Your nomination for Screenwriter of the year.  State person and film.

Your nomination for Director of the Year.  State director and film.

Your nomination for the Film Arts Angel of the year.  Person, artist, or agency for exemplary support and promotion of GLBT Film  Arts.

Your nomination for Music Video of the Year. State Artist and Video name.



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