StoneWall Society 
Pride In The Arts Awards 

Presenting the 2004 Pride In The Arts Award Nominees

Music Arts

Male/Gay Favorite, Pride 2004 Musician Award

Mark Weigle –   “Different & The Same” 
*V*I*R*G*O* -  “Moderate Extremism” 
Shawn Thomas - “Everything I Am” 
Ari Gold – “Space Under Sun” 
Vincent Wolfe – “Until Tomorrow” 

Female/Lesbian Favorite, Pride 2004 Musician Award

Corinne Curcio – “Now” 
Norine Braun – “Now & Zen” 
Julie Clark – “Feel Free” 
Marsha Stevens – “Song Of Praise From A Strange Land” 
Sandy Rapp – “Flag & The Rainbow” 

Bisexual Favorite, Pride 2004 Musician Award

Robin Renée – “All Six Senses” 
Skott Freedman – “Bi The People” 

Transgendered Favorite, Pride 2004 Musician Award

Lisa Jackson – “I Am OK” 
Yolanda & The Plastic Family – “We Are Angels, Acoustic version” 

Pride 2004 Favorite Group Award

Sister Funk – “Girl” 
Liquid Pie – “Diggin In” 
Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle – “Figures” 
Rubberlegs – “Leg Warmers, Reheated” 
Bootlickers – “Automatic Ball Cleaner” 

Pride 2004 Pride Song

“This Is How We Overcome”  FGS  “In This Moment” 
“Everything I Am” Shawn Thomas  “Everything I Am” 
“Proud & Free” Jon Gilbert Leavitt 
“Crucify” Sister Funk  “Girl” 

“Everyone Was At Stonewall” Sandy Rapp “Flag & The Rainbow” 

Pride 2004 CD / Album

“Girl” Sister Funk 
“In This Moment” FGS (For God’s Sake) 
“Moderate Extremism” *V*I*R*G*O* 
“Bear Tracks One”  Woobie Bear Music 

“Figures” Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle 

Pride 2004 Camp Pride Song Award

“He’s On My Team” Ari Gold  “Space Under Sun"
“Forum” Grecote “Bear Tracks One” 
“Crucify” Sister Funk  “Girl” 

“What I Like About You” Mark Weigle “Different & The Same” 

Pride 2004 Dance Award

“Mission” Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle “Figures” 
“Forum” Grecote “Bear Tracks One” 
“The Beat Of The Lord” Shawn Thomas “Everything I Am” 
“He’s On My Team” Ari Gold “Space Under Sun” 

“Alive” Kevin Aviance “Being Out Rocks” 

Pride 2004 Genre Award

“That’s How I Feel” Corine Curcio “Now” 
“Bashert” Ari Gold “Space Under Sun” 
“Jesus To The World” FGS “In This Moment” 
“Black Coffee” *V*I*R*G*O*  “Moderate Extremism 

“Dreams Of The Summertime, instrumental” Thomas Raniszewski  “A Midnight At A Time” 

FAN AWARDS - Fan Award Song Of The Year 2004

“In This Moment” FGS “In This Moment” 
“Crucify” Sister Funk 
“Two Cowboy Waltz”  Mark Weigle 
“Cowboy’s Sweetheart” Doug Stevens & The Outband 
“We Are Angels” – Acoustic version. Yolanda & The Plastic Family 

FAN AWARDS - Fan Award Music Artist of the Year 2004

Mark Weigle 
Sister Funk 
Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle 
Eric Himan 

Voting has ended


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