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Playlist date: 5-04-03

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5-04-03 Rainbow World Music Playlist
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Posted 4-04-03

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1. "Waiting For Rome To Fall" Robert Urban 
CD Rock Widow
1. Robert Urban
2. "Oh Hell" Jay Spears CD- Boy Howdy 2. Steve Cohen
3. "The Waiting Song" Robert Urban CD Elegies 3. Jay Spears
4."Going Going Gone" Terry Christopher 
CD Take Another Look
4. Liquid Pie
5. TIE
"If You Want Me For My Money" Liquid Pie 
CD Just The Crust
5. Janet Villas
5. TIE
"Tantrum" Steve Cohen Source-Online Music

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Artist's websites open in a new window. The list below is in Alphabetic order, not the play sequence.

Artist Name

Song Name

CD Name

# Weeks

Jamie Anderson I Wanna Be A Straight Guy Drive All Night  
Ariel Aparicio Angels All I Wanted  
Jeremy Blue Don't Know Where Embracing This  
The Bootlickers Radio City Huge  
Djola Branner You Make Me Feel Mighty Real

Mighty Real A Tribute To Sylvester

Norine Braun Buffalo Nights Now & Zen  
Norine Braun Jade Now & Zen  
Reuben Butchart Me & Rico Dusk  
Reuben Butchart  Justified Dusk  
Butt Boy Track Number 1 Conundrum  
Clark Carlton Shine SALTWATER  
Terry Christopher Going Going Gone Take Another Look 2nd-song
Terry Christopher And There You Were Take Another Look  
Christy Claxton Possibility Out Of Nowhere  
Steve Cohen * Tantrum Online Music  1st-song
Steve Cohen * I Want Everything Silent Too Long 1st-artist
The Denver Women's Chorus I Am Woman This We Know  
Skott Freedman Walking In Memphis Some Company  
Kevin Hannan Riding Horses On The Moon Bridge To Atlantis  
Eric Himan Man You Had In Mind I Go On         
Lisa Jackson Fabulously Done Lisa Jackson  
Julia Kelly I Am A Lesbian Now Long Time Comin'  
Zane Kuchera Simon Says Patterns  
Zane Kuchera Childhood In A Storm Online Music  
Jon Gilbert Leavitt The Basin On Line Music  
Daniel Link Storm In My Heart Ghost Stories  
Liquid Pie * If You Want Me For My Money Just The Crust 2nd-song
Mary Lofstrom Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone Ginger Comes To Stay   
Mary Lofstrom Your Good Girl Is Gonna Go Bad Ginger Comes To Stay  
Mark and Dean Our World Too Man Of My Dreams  
Ray Musicbear Baker Home Buddy  
Kadie O and The Light Shepherd Red October  
Reigning Men Bear Family Out-ing  
Robin Renée Chant All Six Senses  
Robin Renée   Cruel To Be Kind All Six Senses  
Jay Spears * Oh Hell Boy Howdy 2nd-song
Jay Spears * I Like Mike Boy Howdy 2nd-artist
Doug Stevens and The Outband Cowboy's Sweetheart From Christopher To Castro  
Sun I Didn't Have Time To Cry On Thursday Inquire Within  
Tony Jones (link unavailable) Song Of Oceans Until Your Voice  
Tony Jones (link unavailable) Prodigal Fathers Until Your Voice  
Robert Urban * Waiting For Rome To Fall Rock Widow 1st-song
Robert Urban * The Waiting Song Elegies 1st-song
Janet Villas * God Bless The Child Something Wonderful 1st-artist
Janet Villas Maria Something Wonderful  
Mark Weigle Bears Out Of The Loop  
Yolanda & The Plastic Family Eat Me Welcome To YOLANDAWORLD  
Zrazy   Night And Day Private Wars  

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