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Congratulations and proudly presenting:

The 2007 
Pride In The Arts Music Awards Nominees.
All nominees were determined by verified internet email nomination. One ballot was accepted per valid and working email address. Many thanks to all who participated in this portion of the Pride In The Arts Awards. Number of participants in this year's awards will be announced after all award recipients have been determined. Music Award voting will run from October 14, 2007 to November 14, 2007.

Voting has ended for the music award category.

2007 Music Art Award Nomination Ballot

Votes  will be in Ballot form. Each ballot will contain all award nominations for that category. Only one, the first, ballot per category will be accepted from each verified / valid email address. Make sure you vote for all for each ballot before submitting your ballot.   Award recipients  will be determined by the total count of votes, open and committee. 

Please enter same email address as below here:  
Both email addresses must be the same and a valid email address.

Please provide the following contact information:


These first five awards are for the musicians / groups, not a specific CD or performance.

Vote for one for, Male/Gay Favorite Musician of 2007: 

Nick Granato
Jeremy James
Kris Landherr
Roger Kuhn 
Shawn Thomas

Vote for one for, Female/Lesbian Favorite Musician of 2007:

Susan Souza 
Sandra Grace 
Tanya Pluth
Chris Pureka
Sue Merchant 

Vote for one for, Bisexual Favorite Musician of 2007:

Houston Bernard 
Candye Kane 
Robin Rene 
Skott Freedman 

Vote for one for, Transgendered Favorite Musician of 2007:

Joshua Klipp 
Lipstick Conspiracy 
Kevin Aviance 
Georgie Jessup
Coyote Grace 

Vote for one for, the 2007 Pride Favorite Group Award:

Sister Funk 
Lipstick Conspiracy 
The Damsels 
The Kinsey Sicks 

Vote for one for, 2007 Pride Song:

"Who I Am" Nick Granato 
"I'm A Fag" Kris Landherr
"Break the Silence"   Freddy Freeman 
"Brothers In Arms & Sister Soldiers" Terry Christopher 
"Secrets"  Sister Funk

Vote for one for, 2007 Favorite CD / Album:  

"Saving Graces"  Tanya Pluth 
"Journey of a Wordsmith" Terry Christopher 
"Outside The Lines"  Nick Granato 
"Will Rassel For Food"  Kris Landherr
"Miracle Alley"  CYNOVA 

Vote for one for, 2007 Camp Pride Song Award:

"I'm A Fag" Kris Landherr
Who farted on the dance floor at studio 54   Kendall   g CD 1 
"Not Gay Enough for You"  Shawn Thomas 
"Can't Help Lovin' That Hand of Mine" The Kinsey Sicks 
"Let There Be Peace On Earth"  Candye Kane

Vote for one for, 2007 Dance Award:

"Closer"  Grecote'  g CD 1
"Love Will Take Over" Ari Gold 
"On The Dance Floor"  Sister Funk 
"Live Like You Were Dying (Evan's Bull By The B@lls 12 Inch Mix)  Ernest Kohl 
"Time After Time" [Club Mix] Julian Marsh- Kate Project 
       I received this explanation from Julian about the nomination. Kudos to Julian's professionalism and courtesy!
        Hi, I hate to be a downer, but Time After Time by Kate Project was on a CD I produced in 2003....  I didn't    produce the mix. It was licensed from another record company, and I included it on the compilation.  Yes, please indicate that I'm not the  remixer but the person responsible for selecting the song content on the CD. I did produce 2 songs on the CD: Happy Charles - Put A Little Love In Your Heart, and Kelly Wilde - Loving Arms

Vote for one for, 2007 Genre Award:

You Raise Me Up  Danny Riddle 
"Back To You"  Jack Schell  
"Chant (Words & Music)"  Robin Rene 
"Remember Rose- A Song For Choice" Sandy Rapp 
"Vitamin Q" Seattle Men's Chorus Captain Smartypants 

Vote for one for, Song Of The Year 2007:

"Color Outside The Lines"  Nick Granato 
"Saving Graces" Tanya Pluth 
"What's Your Name?"  Roger Kuhn  
"With You"  Levi Kreis  
"Some Fine Day"  Ember Swift  

Vote for one for, Musical Artist of the Year 2007 :

Nick Granato
Roger Kuhn 
Tanya Pluth
Levi Kreis
The Kinsey Sicks

Vote for one for, Lifetime Achievement in Music Award 2007:

Melissa Etheridge 
Sandy Rapp
Amy Ray 
Robert Urban  

Vote for one for Production/Producer of the year 2007: 

Greg Hudson Woobie Bear Music
Robert Urban / Urban Productions
Freddy Freeman - Bearapalooza 
Susan Souza Women's KISS 
Shawn Thomas Aaron's Rainbow Project


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