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Inclusion this section indicates the material covered pertains to or is of interest to the GLBTI community, not necessarily that the author/authors are part of the GLBT community. However, most of the artists featured here are of the GLBTI community.. All authors have either directly joined the promotion or have had material and or reviews submitted on their behalf. Links below open in the Literary Artist's Wing here on SWS or directly on the artist's website. For the latest information always check the artist in question's website for details. Links to the artists websites are provided in the wings.

Code Legend 
indicates a fellow SWS member! 
2002 Indicates a Pride In The Arts Award for that year. 
2003 Indicates a Pride In The Arts Award for that year.
2004 Indicates a Pride In The Arts Award for that year.
2005 Indicates a Pride In The Arts Award for that year.

Steve Hogan & Lee Hudson Robert Drake  Terry Wolverton Wing

Clark Carlton  M  Play    2002 

 Duane Simolke Wing    M   2002   2003 
Author, Interviewer, Internet Literary Resource, and Reviewer
Peter Tatchell Wing Zachary Zilba Wing
Chastity Bono Wing  Bette Greene Wing  
Dr. Rembert Truluck Wing   Dyke Write  Wing M   2002 
Website/Literature Review
Jerry Herman Dennis Hensley- Books, Screenwriter  2002   2003 
Ronald L. Donaghe Wing   2002 2004 
Internet Literary Resource
Rob Rosen Wing  2002 
E.J. DiStefano Wing  2002  Mark Kendricks Wing   2004 
Donny West - Lady Patra  M  2003 2004 2005
Poetry, Author, Music
Mountman  M  2002 2004 
SWS Reviews Books and Music 
Teddy Lee Brown     2002  Jason Rich 
Lori L. Lake     2003 2004 2005 Ed Karvoski Jr.    2002 
Kelly Ann Zarembski    2003  Lawrence Schimel 
Kirk Read    2003  Vern L. Bullough,RN,PhD Editor  2004 
Blake Fraina Lea` Marie   2004 
 Pat Gavin Mark A. Roeder 
 Faith Summer Ian K. MacGillivray, Ph.D. 
A Practical Guide for Teachers, and Community Activists
 Rosie O'Donnell  Lisa Davis 
Wayne R. Besen Christopher Rice 
Robert Urban    2003  2004 
Poetry, SWS Reviews 
Mel Keegan   2004 
Gordon Merrick  Beryl Berry  M    2002 
Online Literary Website 
Stephen R. Moore 2005 Kim Wallace 
John Cord M   2005 Bazhe 
Steven Reigns Gregory Blair 
Online Literature 
 Patricia Nell Warren 2005 JEN/ed 
Spoken word poetry, performance art, literature & prose
Dwight Cathcart Tom Smith 
Online Literature
 Ron "Ran" Waite Reviewer Matt Rauscher 
Doug Mattis Terry Christopher - Reviewer
Rick R. Reed Jed Ryan - Reviewer
 Arizzona GLBT Music Reviewer

Paul Allgood - Reviewer for SWS & OutVoice His band - Wedlock

David E. Weekly Shawn Aaron Thomas
 Emily Pittman Newberry John Edmonds (waiting on link)

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