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Raphael Perez

     The online gallery for Raphael Perez not only hosts his art but information on the artist which assists in understanding his art. Shading, dramatic lights and darks and the color red are a central point of the Perez style. Compositions range from wild colorful statements in abstracts or to some degree primitive form. Better yet a striking combination of the two. Subject matter include; still life, flowers, Paris, men, women, erotic art, the list is endless. 

     Raphael Perez has definite mood and electricity to his work. Consider the image from his "Portraits" collection to the left. Perez has intensity, great emotion, and detail. A stark image conjuring many possible reasons for the emotion shown. In fact several for what the emotion is. The point here is that Perez has real feel in his works, yet enables you the visitor to establish some basis for yourself. 


     Perez has a section on Lions. An apt subject for his style and use of bold darks and lights to create feel and continuity. In the image from his Lion collection at left the strong mood is set by all the artist has in play; color, shading, and imagery.

     Bright color and activity are also very much a part of the Perez tableau of creativity. In this image to the right from his "Couples" collection movement and feel are largely achieved by his use of color.

     At left we have an image from the Perez "Two Men" collection. The warmth and feel her are agin through use of color and shading. Notice the different feel and emotion here as compared tot he Lion or Portrait above. Close color use but technique and subject have made all the difference. 

     To learn more of Raphael Perez and his art visit his website. Some images are erotic in nature, however artistically shown. All images are copy right Raphael Perez and used with permission of the artist.

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